Erection Testing And Commissioning

✓ Erection, Installation, Pre-commissioning, on-load testing of Substation Primary equipments.

✓ Mechanical Installation of cable racking and conduiting systems for classified and non-classified environments.

✓ Cable laying, termination, Jointing for HV, MV and LV cable installations.

✓ Commissioning Services for specialized Jobs



✓ Installation of Substation earthing Network, integrity test, Step voltage and touch voltage measurement.

✓ Complete testing of Protection systems, Primary/Secondary injection testing, Scheme implementation & Verification, End to end tests for line protections along with Teleprotection schemes, Line and Transformer differential protections, Low/ High Impedence Busbar protection, Reactor, Cable, Feeder protection, voltage, frequency protections.

✓ Complete testing of control/Interlocking schemes, Breaker failure schemes, Frequency/Voltage based & Adoptive load shedding schemes. Conventional, RTU/DCS based control schemes, Emergency shutdown schemes for process plants and critical classified/non-classified installations.

✓ Fire Protection system installation for Indoor, Outdoor Plant equipments including Transformers, AIS/GIS equipment, MV /LV equipment, control & protection panels.

✓ Have relevant Expertise to carry out tightly scheduled refurbishment and retrofit Jobs, with precision and very high level of professional skills

✓ Undertake projects required high skill level to identify and overcome chronic system problems and hidden faults. Fully equipped with latest diagnostic tools and techniques to analyze system problems like undesired harmonics in Electrical supply network, Insulation related transient faults, Intermittent system faults etc.